Exclusive Time-Sensitive Opportunity: The father of Hypnotic Marketing, Joe Vitale, is taking the unprecedented action of accepting his first NEW clients in 20 years …

“Let’s unleash the persuasive power of a SVENGALI to focus your prospects on why they want to buy your products or service – NOW!”

Could MY Hypnotic Copy be the key to unlocking YOUR web-based business’ full moneymaking potential?

Fellow Entrepreneur,

I have an exciting announcement about a very rare opportunity you’ll have to work with me on one of YOUR moneymaking projects. Because, for the first time in 20 years I’m opening the door to NEW marketing clients.

Could YOUR business use my Hypnotic Touch?

Imagine checking your bank balance in the morning and nearly fainting because overnight; BAM! A MIRACLE.

Your balance doubled … tripled … quadrupled … perhaps many times over – stuffed with tens-of-thousands of dollars … hundreds-of-thousands (even millions)!

It’s possible. All it takes is the right combination of list … offer … and hot persuasive hypnotic sales copy.

I can help with the Hypnotic Copy

Joe Vitale here, you know me from the movie The Secret or the many other DVDs I’ve been featured in. Perhaps you know me from my prosperity and abundance courses like The Secret to Attracting Money or The Zero Point.

But – as much as I am focused on your spiritual growth and helping you achieve abundance through the natural laws of attraction – I’m ALSO recognized for my marketing mastery.

I’ve often said I’ve got one foot in the metaphysical – and the other in the material.

I wrote the books: There’s a Customer Born Every Minute, The Seven Lost Secrets of Success, Buying Trances and Hypnotic Writing. All to help drive your marketing profits to the next level.

And now for the first time in 20 years …

I’m Opening the Door to a Few NEW
Copywriting Clients – maybe even YOU

But there’s a catch … I can ONLY accept a low number of new clients, which is why I want only the most serious, most committed to their success!

I believe in you, I want to help take your business to a level of abundance you’ve only dreamed about. Remember: Dare something worthy!

My track record is one of spawning

That’s the level of success that excites me – and I think will motivate you to raise your sights to your business’ full potential.

In my 30+ years of service, I’ve helped organizations like the Red Cross, PBS and other entrepreneurs and forward charging business leaders, like yourself, achieve their highest goals.

Face it, you’re way too busy running your business to write a marketing campaign that shakes mountains, pulls in customers, orders and money like magic.

I can help. It’s said that the one critical element missing in most businesses is great sales copy. Look around in your own business and you’ll see that’s true.

That’s the life-giving oxygen I bring to the table, from hypnotic copy to subconscious selling to massive lead generation …

When your customers read my sales pages, it will be like staring at a flickering candle flame. Spellbound – they’ll be unable to take their eyes off.

Hey, You DO have Options …

You don’t have to engage my premium copywriting services. You could hire a freelancer to do a nice workman-like job. And they might be successful.

But what a freelancer can’t give you is the perspective of a business owner with multiple successes under his belt. I’ve been there, done that. I’ve drafted moneymaking promotions that have put MILLIONS in my bank account.

I know what works … because I’ve done it (and continue to do it) in my own business!

The “BIG QUESTION” for you is simply …

Who do you TRUST to deliver the bankable results you’re after?

Consider the very real cost of missed opportunity. When the freelancer with no more credentials than a mail-order certificate and the nerve to contact you BOMBS – you’ve lost NOT ONLY the cost of the copy – and missed sales … but the sales you COULD’VE made if you went with a more established copywriter.

Someone like me, experienced in harnessing the awesome power of the written word to GET THE MONEY!

Go ahead - put me to the test …

I’ll write your Hypnotic Emails: Flooding your moneymaking sales pages with quality cash-in-hand prospects …

I’ll write your Hypnotic Sales Pages: Generating boatloads of new customers and potentially HUGE piles of cash …

I’ll write your Hypnotic Web Content: Transforming your website into a customer-centric order-pulling sales monster!


Just tell me what you want, and if I feel I can blow it out of the water I’ll take the challenge!

So what’s it going to cost?

Working with me is not cheap (but you knew that going in); I can tell you right now I won’t be your lowest cost provider. But what I can promise is that I’ll give your promotion EVERY advantage I know to succeed.

Ultimately, what I charge is just a drop in the bucket compared to what you potentially stand to gain. So if you’d like my help with driving traffic, selling your next product – or presenting your business or company in the best possible light – CLICK HERE for your:

FREE Project Evaluation … and …
No Obligation Flat Fee Quote

You’ll find a simple Form asking just enough questions for me to quickly decide whether your project is one I could potentially deliver a winner. Hey, if I don’t think I can deliver for you, I won’t take your money!

Simply complete the Form (it’ll take less than five minutes) and I’ll get back to you with EXACTLY what it will take to get started – including your No Obligation Flat Fee Quote.

But hurry - if you really want to get on my calendar, you’ll need to move quickly, or I can’t promise there’ll be a slot for you … besides, “money likes speed.”

Submit your answers on the Form today, and if we decide to do business together, you can be rest assured you are fully covered by my:

100% Total Satisfaction Hypnotic Copy Guarantee

That means I’ll write to YOUR satisfaction. You’ll sign off on the concept and I’ll keep you in the loop the entire time I’m working on your project so you’re well informed about all progress.

Now, it’d be impossible to guarantee results, nobody (reputable) can do that, which is why I take great effort in making sure you are satisfied with my copy before your final acceptance.

And I’m happy to make whatever changes or copy revisions you deem necessary within the first 30 days of acceptance.

But like I said, I’m ONLY accepting a few new clients – and this window of opportunity is closing fast, it’s for the serious; those that want to take their businesses to the moon.

When I take you on as a client … your project, your website, your company becomes my total focus. I’ll plunder my vast marketing resources to deliver what drives readership, engagement and ultimately sales.

I’ll tirelessly work to craft the best presentation I know how, in order to sell your services, and I won’t quit until it's honed razor-sharp!

Could this be the year you declare ultimate financial freedom and independence?

It’s not enough to be simply competitive. You need to set yourself apart – standing head-and-shoulders above the crowd. Your business needs to DOMINATE.

Don’t allow settling for “good enough” to rob you and your family of the future you so richly deserve.

Get in touch with me today – and let’s see how we can work together to deliver the greatest success of your lifetime.

CLICK HERE to complete the Form that puts you and your business on my radar – and I’ll take it from there.



P.S. So we’re clear, I’m only accepting a few new copywriting clients. If you want my help crafting hypnotic sales pages, web content or emails – simply complete the Form outlining your request and I’ll RUSH you a Flat Fee Quote for my services – all at ZERO OBLIGATION to YOU!

Go ahead – CLICK HERE now to get started.

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